Spanish producer and DJ of Jazz, Hip Hop, electronica. He usually produces with musicians like Erik Truffaz or Jorge Pardo, leader of the DJTONER Q4RTET project.


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For more than two decades, Dj Toner has been one of the Spanish references in terms of mixing jazz, hip hop and electronic music, both alone and as head of the Domestic collective and its current project DJToner Q4rtet. His new work comes five years after his previous one, Grandmaster Jazz (2016) and he does it through Vindig Records. Entitled Blessed Are The Weird People, it is an album of twelve songs with which the Andalusian artist «explores and creates musical passages that delve into a sound journey full of nuances and details where, as if he were an orchestra conductor, DJ Toner extracts the best of each of the elements contributed by the musicians who participate, making one of the maxims of Jazz come true: sharing and involving the listener».